Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Political Correctness: is it killing us?

"...yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service"
- John 16:2 -

Christianity and Islam, despite their differences, have coexisted in our world for centuries. One as a state, and the other as a religion. Christianity is seen as a peaceful religion, with key figures such as Jesus Christ and his disciples, Augustine and Martin Luther, who all labored for the cause of the gospel. These men show us precisely what Christianity really is: a faith grounded in the love of God. In contrast, Islam was founded by Muhammad, a man of violence, immorality and corruption. He was followed by men like Saladin, who is often seen as a hero in the war against the west.

Now to avoid misunderstandings, let me say this: I do not desire to jump to conclusions, or make unfounded generalizations which would make my reasoning void and illogical. My desire is to present the facts and to communicate truth. Please keep this in mind.

In the midst of the Fort Hood shootings, we are told by our commander in chief to be careful not to jump to conclusions regarding whether or not this act was religiously-motivated. I find this ironic, because Nadal Hasan, the shooter (who has ties with Islamic extremists) has said that the US military should be cautious of muslim recruits, because they are more likely to be connected to terrorism. I do not believe that every muslim is a terrorist, nor do I believe that every terrorists is an Islamic extremist, but to deny the common thread between the two is a childish attempt to remain ignorant.

The holy book of the Islamic faith, The Koran, mandates followers of Muhammad to; "Fight those who do not believe in Allah..." In light of this, the notion of Islam as a military power is no longer a hasty assumption. Yes, there is faith involved, and I have no doubt that many who follow this belief follow it in steadfast faith and conduct themselves peacefully. But to deny the animosity that exist between Muslim's and those who have not accepted this belief is to ignore the truth.

My biggest fear is that peoples, religions and nations will be content to remain ignorant, or deny this inconvenient truth. The latter is by far the worse, but that seems to be where our society is today. Out of the goodness of our heart, we assume that Islam is a peaceful religion, and are extremely careful not to accuse Muslims for acts of terrorism. And the truth is, this mindset is slowly but surely, killing us.


  1. Keep on writing. I love what you're saying.

  2. We need more strong voices like yours.

  3. Great blog name (unlike the somewhat cryptic I "use").

    Good job!

    - Trent