Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Exceptionalism

"Comparing America to England is like comparing Heaven to hell!" - Thomas Jefferson 

The Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave has not successfully been duplicated within its 230 years of existence. America, slowly but surely rose to the singular major global power within the past decades. The United States has always been different than any other nation. At the height of America's global power, we led the world in wise decision making. Countries looked to us for sound advice and sound policy.

Within the past year, this status has been quickly fading away as America's leaders claim that we need to be like other nations and all cooperate for the common good. Instead of a "lead by example" mentality, we have adopted the mindset of "follow the crowd". I would like to ask, when and why the free society of America decided that American exceptionalism was something to be frowned upon? Allow me to outline a common sense argument for the advocacy of American exceptionalism. But before I accomplish this, please keep in mind that American superiority is something to be desired only when our Christian values are maintained and acted upon within our Governmental system.

1 - Follow the leader. Freedom leads to innovation, prosperity and individualism produces a happier populace. A free society is a beautiful thing, and one that cannot be overlooked. If America exercises principles of freedom, the world will see the fruit of this mindset and pursue a similar model in order to achieve such success. History proves this argument. The French revolution is an ideal example of such imitation. Shortly after America declared independence, the French followed suit. Unfortunately, France's "free society" didn't last long, and left open loop holes which eventually led to abuse and tyranny.

2 - God is glorified. When America is on top, and it also adheres to its Christian roots, the Pax-Americana is not only good for society, but it is good for the advancement of Christian ideals. If you are a Christian, and desire to spread the gospel, American superiority should be desired and pursued.

The Pax-Americana is coming to a close experts say. But this is not an inevitable fate, we can maintain the premier global power status. All that is needed, is for American's to cling to their freedom, and never let a politician strip this from their hands. Liberty is priceless, and I wouldn't give mine up for anything. America has always been the "city on a hill", which brings hope to the oppressed and liberty to the enslaved. The air has become foggy, and our beacon of light has become dim. However, all hope is not lost. If Americans wish to be free, and act based upon this inclination, then the fog will slowly drift away, and our beacon of light will once again become a light beyond all comparison.


  1. Very good point. We need more young people like you who have followed truth. Keep your strong voice. God is really going to use you to advance not only His kingdom but also this country.

  2. Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate the fact that you take time to read my posts. Your positive comments are extremely encouraging. Thanks again.

  3. I wish you would do another post. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the current issues facing us.